Wandsworth Friends of Royal Trinity Hospice Christmas Fair
Wandsworth Friends of Royal Trinity Hospice Christmas Fair

Committee & Angels

Wandsworth Friends of Royal Trinity Hospice Christmas Fair Committee


We are the Wandsworth Friends of Royal Trinity Hospice Christmas Fair Committee.  Our Christmas fair has been running for over 35 years, previously supporting Cancer Research and we think it is the longest running fair in the area.  We look forward to seeing you at the fair where you can shop at over 40 stalls, help us celebrate Christmas at St Luke's Church, and raise money for Royal Trinity Hospice.


The fair includes a Silent Auction, our Nearly New Stall and our Tree of Giving.  


Our lively committee is assisted by a group of over 50 volunteers we call our “Angels.”   Our Angels work in many ways to help put on the fair, and without the Angels, the fair could not happen!  Their time commitment varies from 2 hours to 2 days working at the fair once a year.  If you wish to contribute your time, we would like to talk to you about being an Angel.


If you have more time or would like to play a larger role in planning and managing the fair, please contact us about joining the committee.

Lucinda Harding-Rolls





Lucinda Harding-Rolls, Chair

Melanie Pearson, Deputy Chair

Liz Burke-Murphy, Treasurer

Camilla Ridgwell

Amanda Shine

Boo Threshie

Louise John

Juliette Hellman

Anna Walford


The Angels and Invitation Committee


Debbie Austin                                    Marion Morgan                    

Diana Ayrton                                     Carolyn Murphy           

Fiona North                                       Caroline Williams                                      

Rebecca Catchpole                             Hilary Newell

Sarah Capel                                       Amanda Palengat

Jackui Clarke                                     Janelle Parsons

Jane Clarke                                        Nancy Oliver

Susy Clode                                        Hetty Pearson

Denyse Davis                                     Pam Pettigrew

Jo Davis                                             Penny Powis

Olivia de Parc Barham                         Vicky Powell

Vivian Farque                                     Melanie Purnell

Deborah Goodwin                               Caroline Riccio

Ros Green                                          Francesca Riccio

Di Hallstrum                                       Caroline Richards

Caroline Hanson-Lowe                         Sarah Sharp Mellor

Phoebe Hayles                                    Phillippa Shearer                                      

Katharine Heinmann                            Jules Smith

Pru Hodgkinson                                   Gillie Stevenson-Smith

Monica Iliff                                          Monica Thorne

Kate Koessler                                      Vivien Tucker

Claire Lean                                          Maralee Vezie

Sandra Levinson                                  Jennifer White

Sarah Maher                                        Jessica White

Stephanie Mason                                 Clare McCoy